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Description Introducing ICE SMTIH LS1000 Chiller/Heater: The Ultimate Solution for Pristine Water Quality and Temperature ControlExperience unparalleled water temperature control and pristine water quality with ICE SMITH Chiller/Heater. This state-of-the-art system is designed to meet all your chiller, heater, and filtration needs, ensuring the utmost satisfaction in your water bathing experience.With ICE SMTIH PRO Chiller/Heater, you can easily achieve the perfect water temperature to suit your preferences. Cool your water down to a refreshing 0°C/33℉  or warm it up to a cozy 45°C/115℉  effortlessly. Say goodbye to compromised water conditions and embrace the outstanding performance of ICE SMTIH LS1000 Chiller/Heater.
What are the benefits of cold water therapy? ❆ Boost the immune system❆ Improve blood circulation.❆ Better deep sleep.❆ Boost energy & elevate mood❆ Prevent/help depression❆ Reduce inflammation.❆ Improve mood.❆ Improve metabolic function.❆ Reduce muscle soreness❆ Reduce chronic pain❆ Practice discipline & resilience
Specifications Power:108~120V/60Hz   208~240V/50HzCooling Capacity:2900W/ 9000BTUHeating Capacity:2950W/9200BTUAMPS: 110V:8amps 220V: 4.0 amps Temp Range: 0~45 ℃ Water Flow Requiepments : 4000L/hCompressor: Panasonic or Toshiba High Efficiency RotaryCompressor: Panasonic or Toshiba High Efficiency RotaryRefrigerant Gas: Hychill Minus R32 - Zero environment effect – 

Finishes & Materials

  • Chassis: Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Coatings: Heat cured high strength epoxy – Blaze Blue
  • Heat Exchanger: Titanium
  • Heat Pump Plumbing: Commercial Grade Copper
Pool Compatibility Recommend pool size: Up to 600 LAll ICE SMITH POOLS have connections to LS1000 included as standardAll OTHER POOLS require 1x water inlet and 1x water outlet 3/4'
Display Software-chip: Developed by ICE SMITHRemote Control Screen: Builtin
Electrical Earth Leak Device: Yes 10 Milliamps instant shut down for maximum user safetyPower Plug: 3 Pin heavy duty to suit country (UK, US, AU or EU)Air flow Capacity: Low noise fan 2000 cubic ft per minuteFan Size: 300 mmSound: 55 dBA tested at 1.5mHeat Pump Type: Rotary CompressorWater Pump: Powered by the Compact via the built-in RCD/GFCI electrical safety device
Quick Questions 1. The equipment comes with accessories (free): Male to female adapter *22. Distinction: C1 series has Cooling and heating.3. Temperature range: 0~45 degrees Celsius.4. Warranty policy: 2 year warranty, free spare parts, remote video assistance.5. Whether it can be used outdoors: Yes, but please cover it with a canopy.6. Protection level: IPX4.7. Delivery time: 4-6 weeks.8. Ambient temperature support: below 45C.